The puppet theatre can be an art theatre that need not impose or imitate
but that can reveal in its singular way both new and familiar truths.”
Basil Milovsoroff, Theater Arts, July 1953
Puppets have a magic and power. Puppet Theater has had many great artists - some of which I have had the honor of knowing and observing. Others, I know only by the work I have seen in books and videotapes. These artists are an amazingly accessible group of people, willing and honored to share their experiences and techniques. As mentors, their contributions and encouragements are unsurpassed. What all of these artists have learned and cultivated inspires me constantly to continue to develop my own work, and examine the endless possibilities the Puppet Theater holds. It is my aspiration to learn from past and present masters and use that information to continue to challenge myself and my work.

Glass Wings Puppetry was founded to continue to develop new works for puppet theater and to promote through workshops, the continued exploration of Puppet Arts.
-Cathy McCullough