FACETS is a story about one woman's struggle with, and descent into depression. The various aspects of her self have splintered off, and now seem to work against her. The overwhelming task of trying to survive further adds to her battle against the depression that has isolated her from the outside world. Will she ultimately find the strength to live, or will depression conquer her this time. This puppetry performance uses life size puppets, and mask to create the world that Margaret inhabits.

FACETS was partially funded by a grant from the Puppeteers of America, and was produced by the Connecticut Repertory Theater, and the Puppet Arts Department.

To date, FACETS has received and Award from the Northeast Region Puppeteers of America for Artistic Achievement.

The nominators wrote the following about FACETS:

"Brilliantly staged, beautifully choreographed, incredibly enlightening, this eminently successful piece of puppet theatre allowed us, as audience to witness and better understand the torment of falling victim to depression. Cathy managed to create imagery using puppets and movement which informed the audience of the complexities of depression, not through traditional exposition but rather by allowing us to witness the varying stages of this terror firsthand."

"...a stunningly beautiful, brilliantly written, very well directed, and deeply meaningful production FACETS, a play about depression."

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